Speech Language Pathologists:

Ms. Tara

Ms. Tara is a Speech-Language Pathologist and the Clinical Supervisor for Pediatrics Unlimited.  She received her Master's Degree in Communication Disorders from Arkansas State University and is trained in Oral Placement Therapy (Level 3), the Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol, PROMPT, Beckman Oral Motor Protocol, and is listed in CASANA's professional directory. She has also completed initial training in Orofacial Myology.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Game: Rummikub

Favorite Children's Book: Anne of Green Gables

Ms. Taylor

Ms. Taylor is a Speech Language Pathologist in both our Spartanburg and Greenville clinics. She received her Master of Speech Language Pathology from the University of South Carolina. Ms. Taylor has specialty training in the DIR/FloorTime Approach, Hanen It Takes Two To Talk, Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC), and Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Game: Feed The Woozle

Favorite Children's Book: The Little Blue Truck

Ms. Barbara

Ms. Barbara is a Speech Language Pathologist in the Greenville clinic. She received her Master's Degree in Communication Disorders from Auburn University. Ms. Barbara has training in fluency disorders, preschool language development, and phonology.

Favorite Color: Turquoise and Sky Blue

Favorite Game: Barnyard Bingo and Snakes & Ladders

Favorite Children's Book: Good Night Moon

Ms. Madison

Ms. Madison is a Speech Language Pathologist in our Spartanburg clinic. She received her Master of Science in Speech Language Pathology from Western Carolina University. Ms. Madison has specialty training in multidisciplinary services for Autism Spectrum Disorders and intellectual disabilities.

Favorite Color: Purple and Sage Green

Favorite Game: Hedbanz

Favorite Children's Book: Giraffes Can't Dance

Ms. Meghan

Ms. Meghan is a Speech Language Pathologist who does teletherapy visits for us. She received her Master of Arts in Speech Language Pathology from Appalachian State University. Ms. Meghan has specialty training in Hanen It Takes Two To Talk, DIR/Floortime, Level 1 Oral Placement Therapist, and Beckman Oral Motor Protocol.

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Game: Rummikub

Favorite Children's Book: The Little Engine That Could