Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my child need therapy?

This is a discussion that you will have with your child's therapist after the initial evaluation. It is very case dependent and depends on a lot of factors including how active the family is with their child's home exercise program.

Why is the therapist just playing with my child?

Play is how children learn. Behind this play, each therapist is focusing on the goals and objectives that were set up in your child's treatment plan. These goals are changed and adapted based on your child's developmental skills as well as your family's goals for therapy.

Why do I get Home Exercise Programs for my child?

Consistency is important to build and maintain skills. Just like it is important to come to therapy sessions, it is also important to practice skills at home. Practice outside of therapy allows skills to generalize into everyday life.

How is private therapy different from school therapy?

School-based therapy is based on an educational model and addresses how a child functions in school only. Private, outpatient therapy focuses on the child's delays/impairments related to their whole life.