Your child will do their best in therapy if they are ready to participate and learn. We have put together a few suggestions for setting your child up for success in therapy.

  • Make sure your child goes to bed on time.
  • Drink water. Avoid sugary drinks right before therapy. Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle back to therapy. Please keep sodas and juices in the car or at home.
  • If your child takes naps, please avoid scheduling appointments during their nap times, when possible.
For Morning Appointments:
  • Wake up early enough to eat breakfast without rushing.
  • Start the day with a filling breakfast.
    • Some children may not realize they are hungry until they sit down to eat.
    • They need food to have energy to work hard in therapy.
    • Protein at breakfast is a great way to ensure your child has enough energy to last for the entire length of therapy, especially if they have therapies back to back.
For Afternoon Appointments:
  • Pack a snack for them to eat after school on their way to therapy along with water.
  • We have various toys that we disinfect after each patient. However, you are welcome to bring your child's own toys and blankets with you, especially if your child has a favorite.
We hope that these tips are helpful. Our ultimate goal is to help your child "Be the best they can BEE with therapy!" and we love celebrating all of their accomplishments.

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