Sensory Brushing

Sensory brushing was developed by Patricia Wilbarger, MEd, OTR, CAOTA. Its technical name is the Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique & Oral Tactile Technique. This method involves using a prescribed method of providing stimulation through pressure touch massage to help the mind-brain-body self-organize. A series of joint compressions are also used in conjunction with the brushing to enhance joint perception and feedback. If your child's OT determines that sensory brushing is appropriate for your child, they will train you on how to use the sensory brush at home along with your child's individualized sensory diet.

A child may benefit from sensory brushing if they are/have:
  • Tactile defensiveness - have fear/discomfort over being touched and/or touching things
  • Sensory seeking
  • Difficulty with self-regulation - including paying attention, transitioning between activities, motor coordination, functional communication, safe behaviors
If you are interested in sensory brushing for your child, please speak with your child's OT.

Sensory brushes can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Sensory Brushes.

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