Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles are often requested around the clinic by both boys and girls. You only need a little creativity and imagination to begin to use them (but they also have a little instruction book if creativity isn't really your thing). The possibilities are endless with them. Picasso Tiles are designed for ages 3 and up. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Lots of vocabulary can be targeted with Picasso Tiles, including colors, shapes, descriptive characteristics (smooth, rough, tall, short, etc.), and spatial concepts (top, bottom, next to/beside, under, on, etc.). You can have them practice following directions, from simple 1-step directions such as "give me a blue tile" to more complex directions that involve building a specific item. Imaginative play is naturally built into Picasso Tiles because you are using them to create something that is totally different than just a tile. You can create houses that include people going in and out of them and even place small tea lights in them so that they have light. 

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: Playing with Picasso Tiles can allow your child to practice their pincer grasp, hand/finger manipulation, and also grip strength while using the tiles to build various different objects. Visual motor skills can be practiced by having a child copy a pattern or follow directions to create something.

Sensory: Picasso Tiles can be hidden in sensory bins. They can also be placed in a sand box with the child so they can build while in the sand. Picasso Tiles can also be placed on a light box or a light table in a room with low lighting.

Gross Motor: Picasso Tiles can be placed throughout an obstacle course and collected by your child. They can even be used as part of the obstacle course - think "walk the plank", "jump over the snake", etc. Your child also practice sitting and/or standing balance while playing with them. 

Picasso Tiles can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Picasso Tiles.

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