Pancake Pile-Up

Pancake Pile-Up is a fun, interactive. game that can be played with children ages 4 and up. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Practice naming the objects in the game, such as a spatula and the different ingredients in the pancakes. You can also have them say their target speech sounds before taking a turn. One of our favorite things about playing games is that following directions is naturally built into games but this game also has them practice sequencing the order of the pancakes. 

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: You can practice fine motor skills by flipping pancakes and by balancing the pancakes on the spatula. Your child can also practice their visual motor skills by matching the order/pattern of the pancakes to the card.

Sensory: You can place the pancakes in a dry sensory bin (i.e., uncooked rice, sand, corn kernels) and have your child find the correct pancake in the bin.  If your child doesn’t like touching different textures or has a hard time using things that look different than their daily objects, you can place the pancakes on different surfaces such as plates other than the ones in the game, silicone mats, a paper plate with dried glue dots on it, or a bumpy/textured hot pad.

Gross Motor: Scatter the pancakes around the room and have your child go get them by walking, crawling, running, stomping, hopping, or skipping to the pancake. You can also have them perform a certain type of exercise/stretch for each type of pancake that they need. For instance, to get the blueberry pancake they might have to do 5 squats or to get a plain pancake they might have to do hold a Downward Dog for 5 seconds.

Pancake Pile-Up can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Pancake Pile-Up game.

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