The Oball is another one of our therapist recommended tools. It is recommended for any age. The Oball is made up of 32 finger holes that allow all hands to grasp it, no matter how tiny. It is also lightweight, colorful, and safe for mouthing as well as durable. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Who doesn’t love to play ball?!?! Lots of language can be used with this – ready, set, go!, my turn/your turn, ball, etc. It is also fun to be used as a bowling ball to knock things down (maybe even things with a target speech sound in them).

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: Can be used to work on holding/grasping and you won’t have to worry about injury because it is so light. It is good for working on releasing of grasp as well. You can also hold it up in front of your child’s eyes and practice tracking it with their eyes. It’s bright colors just naturally draw the eyes to it.

Sensory: Place the Oball in different consistencies of things (shaving cream, sand, water, etc.). Even better – the Oball is easy to clean!

Gross Motor: This brightly colored ball is perfect for practicing catching and throwing because of all of its holes. It’s also pretty fun to kick and can even be unpredictable in which way it will go because of its holes.

The Oball can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Oball.

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