Critter Clinic

The Critter Clinic is one of our favorite toys around the clinic because it is so versatile. It is recommended for ages 2 years and up and is a great open-ended toy that can be used over and over again in a variety of ways. It can even be decorated as things other than a vet clinic with props, such as a school, a haunted house, and a zoo. Here are a few ideas for use at home:

Speech & Language: Pretend play as a vet or as whatever other theme it has been decorated as; hide various objects inside the doors and have your child find and name them or have them describe the object to you; practice speech sounds by placing pictures or objects inside the doors.

Fine Motor/Visual Motor: Match colored keys to their doors; practice fitting keys in the doors and turning to lock/unlock; moving items in and out of the doors.

Sensory: Place objects of various textures inside the doors; use sticky tape to decorate the Critter Clinic; use plastic animals toys and give them baths.

Gross Motor: Have your child walk like an animal and then open the doors to see what is inside; set up an obstacle course and have your child rescue the animals.

The Critter Clinic can be purchased through our Therapy Shop here: Critter Clinic.

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